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Please Skip #44 Famish.

Unfortunately, the sim that stop #44 was located on has unexpectedly closed. Please proceed to #45 Pig Shop.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you for participating in the Good Shit Hunt!


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Important Hunt Updates


Have fun & Happy Hunting!

Edit: :WhoNose:, #13 is now available. Please buy the giftbox (for 0L) near the bottle.

All problems have been resolved. 🙂

Thank you for participating in the Good Shit Hunt!

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Hunt Hints!

Please note that the hunt does not officially begin until 8pm slt and that some hints are subject to change, before that time.

  1. A dollar a pop.
  2. Have a seat and see what’s new.
  3. Look up.
  4. Kwi-Ling likes Good Shit!
  5. Come in. Have a look down, won’t you?
  6. Front and center.
  7. The Devious Dolly needed a drink.
  8. Just another brick in the wall.
  9. Que Sera, Sarah?
  10. I sit in the rocky garden.
  11. I should stare at my reflection for a bit.
  12. Boxes…
  13. Buy the giftbox front and center.
  14. Sometimes it’s good to ask for directions.
  15. Octodrink!
  16. A soda drinking lamp?
  17. Good kitty!
  18. This flower is blocking my view of the dresses!
  19. These mannequins are rockin’ out tonight.
  20. I’ll take a GSH soda on the rocks please!
  21. Follow that arrow!
  22. I hid there when I was a child.
  23. You can’t see me!
  24. It’s impolite to peek behind closed doors.
  25. Spring is in bloom!
  26. Soda can be good for plants too.
  27. May the Marigold’s lead you to the shelf you seek.
  28. You don’t even have to subscribe for this freebie!
  29. Water is so refreshing.
  30. Oh, crating we will go!
  31. Land. In. Turn left.
  32. You’ll really need the soda to wash this down.
  33. Bark or Tweet?
  34. What’s behind door #4?
  35. GSH Soda tastes great with watermelon.
  36. Up! The rainbow calls.
  37. High center. Ayy, Allegra.
  38. There’s a great view from up here.
  39. A meal awaits you upstairs.
  40. I’ll have my soda after I do the laundry.
  41. Shit, I spilled my drink!
  42. Look for red, I said.
  43. Keep your eyes up.
  44. Gwenny, thy shape is lovely.
  45. Just bench it, baby.
  46. Don’t feed the rabbits!
  47. Don’t be such a Crybaby!


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It’s Getting Closer!

Don’t be confused by the name. This hunt has nothing to do with bodily waste. It does however have everything to do with awesome designers from across the grid.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of designers and hunt prizes.

❤ The Good Shit Hunt Team

Please feel free to send a notecard to Estetica Memo, if you have any questions.

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