Good Shit Hunt : ITEM!

A lot of questions have been asked about the what object itself is, what does it look like, what color is it, does it dance? Here is a picture and a few ways to help you out while doing this hunt.

Mine is a little blurry cause I didn’t let it rez completely. If you can’t see that, your sculptie volume might be too low. Here are some hunting tips for you!

1. In Edit/Preferences/Graphics : Make sure your Objects bar is all the way up.

2. Another way to make sure sculpties load better, Going into your advance menu and changing the settings. Directions below.

. Enable your Advanced menu if you haven’t. ( CTRL + ALT +D )
. In your advanced menu, find Debug Settings
. In Debut Settings, type in rendervolumeLODFactor
Type in 4.000 for the number.

Have any more questions? Please feel free to comment on this post!

~ Meila Solo


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